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Flat panel speakers change future vehicle interior space

Realization clear, comfortable surround field with compactness and lightweight.

Stereo surround system for each seat

Instead of sound from door sides (aside your feet), we pursuit surround system for each seat, clearly conveying various information of the car and enhancing sound field effect.

Active sound production for EV and HV (vehicle approach warning device)

Ensuring safety and comfortable driving against approaching under 20 km of EV, Hybrid vehicles. The hybrid speaker mounted on the bumper or number plates will ring the vehicle approaching sound.

Road-noise proof sound system (from door side to the ceiling)

Due to space saving design, we can set flat speakers at tiny spaces on the ceiling, and you can enjoy clear sound while you are driving, without outside noise interference.

Less lead time for assembly in car production lines

You will no longer need to assemble four conventional door speakers so that reducing the lead time for assembly in car production lines.