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About FPS Plane wave speaker Technology


Our company name FPS stands for Flat Panel Speaker, and FPS speakers use Plane wave technology. This technology is quite different from conventional cone speakers due to its sound waves (spherical wave and plane wave) and the speed of its sound transmission. FPS Flat Panel Speaker is the next generation speaker unit; this new generation speakers are composed of our newest flat speaker unit, "MCMA."

Watch the sound wave with Laser Doppler - Spherical wave & Plane wave

Sound Pressure Comparison of the Plane Wave and Spherical Wave

"Sound pressure by point sources and spherical waves (traditional dynamic cone speakers) are inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the sound source. If the sound pressure is 90 dB for 1m, then for 2m it will be 84 dB, a decrease of 6 dB. On the other hand, the line source (plane wave) is inversely proportional to the distance. If the sound pressure in 1m is 84 dB, in 2m it will be 81 dB decreasing only 3 dB. As seen above, we can say the plane wave is more efficient and does not lose its strength due to distance compared to the spherical wave.

The sound pressure is already reversed at the 4m point which is said to be a relatively short distance in the general practical use.

At a glance catalog specifications of the flat speakers are lower SPL than cone speakers, but at distances more than 5 m, they demonstrate their abilities.

*Note: This graph is not based on an actual survey. It is made from an image comparison that uses the average sound pressure level of the existing product and the theory value about the decrement of a point source and a line source. 1m/1w is the criteria for the comparison of the two speakers (point sources and spherical wave).

Resolve sound problems with the Characteristics of the FPS speakers



No other speaker can ensure the same volume with the same thinness. FPS flat panel speakers have always developed the higher performance with more thinner and lighter.

  • Customers want more design flexibility.
  • We want to save space and embed speakers on the wall.
  • We want a light and thin speaker on the ceiling, wall.

Easy to hear

It makes easier to hear for elders and those with hearing difficulties, and easier to listening that an awkward pronunciation of foreign languages. It is also popular as a healing speaker.

  • Customers want to make foreign languages with many consonants easier to hear, such as French, Deutch.
  • We want to make it quite (not noisy) even in front of the speakers.
  • We want to make it easy seniors to hear.
  • We want a speaker that does not get tired even listening for a long time.

Strong in Howling

About our Line-array type speakers such as Pipeline series, the outer box designed in the line array theory, and inside speaker units also made from the multi-cell type, so it's become double line arrayed speaker.

  • Customers won't be worries about the microphone's volume even in front of the speakers.
  • (If you are in front of the speaker with microphone switched on, it often occurs cone speakers acoustic feedback called as Howling, and it is very uncomfortable noise).
  • Minimum acoustic feedback

High Fidelity

FPS speakers can replay the original sounds that cone speakers cannot replay, for example, the sound of fingers during contact of guitar strings, breathing that using the lead of woodwind instruments. You can hear almost real sounds of recording environment kept; the musicians are often surprised by its true sounds. You can also enjoy Hi-resolution sounds with FPS speakers.

  • We want to hear Vivid ton of female vocals,
  • We want to reproduce precisely the sound of the instruments such as Piano, violin, guitar, etc.
  • We want to reproduce beautiful sounds with good recording conditions.
  • We want to create a system can experience the live sounds.

Directivity & Reach far

FPS plane wave speakers have lower attenuation since the wave advance only to the forward and easy to control the sound spreading area.

  • Customers want to control sound by delivering to a particular place.
  • We want high-fidelity speaker that we can clearly hear even in places with many background noises.
  • We want sounds comes from the position of the presenter at the conference, lecture, meeting room (At many venues of the present condition where there are speakers on the ceiling or the wall).
  • We want to make the same volume level of back & front seat in the hall and lecture rooms.

High durability & High recyclability

FPS flat panel speakers using expensive raw materials abundantly. It has high durability and our manufacturing process very eco-friendly.

  • It uses lots of rare earth for raw materials, so it is much durable than cone speakers.
  • Reliable with guaranteed operation for over ten years.
  • Eco-friendly with less space and resource saving.
  • Customers want to use outdoors without worrying about the weather.

"MCMA" stands for Multi-Cell Microtransducer Array

The MCMA Transducer was developed by our company and has already granted patents in Japan and other countries. This technology is quite different from conventional cone speakers due to its sound waves (spherical wave and plane wave) and the speed of its sound transmission. FPS Flat Panel Speaker is the next generation speaker unit, this new generation speakers are composed of our newest flat speaker unit, "MCMA". Idealistic planar waves can be created by putting many micro-cells on polymer molecule vibrating diaphragm. The MCMA planar wave technology broadens the functions of sound. Patent granted countries: Japan, USA, EU, Russia, China, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Currently applying for patents in other countries.


"Plane wave"

FPS Flat Panel Speakers use "Plane wave" technology.
An easy way of understanding the theory behind a "Plane wave" is to imagine a wave in the ocean. This wave will keep its shape until it reaches another obstruction that comes in its path. Our "Plane wave speakers" has similar characteristics to a wave. Electrical waves and laser light also use this same plane wave theory.