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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a general term for flat panel speakers’ latest model uniquely developed by FPS company. On the polymer vibrating membrane there are many microcells which will function as speakers, and, in parallel, with the diaphragm’s piston moving, it will work as a surface sound source, not point sound source.

A transducer is a speaker unit, which is the device (speaker) that generates an electrical signal and convert the sound in the air into the sound wave.

It is the arrangement of several sound sources vertically in narrow space. It will help reduce the sound reflection from the floor and the ceiling, and therefore the sound can be transmitted far and consistently.

Directivity is when the sound is released in a straight direction and without diffusion.

Very Clear sound, Reaches far since plane wave distinctive sound waves straight reach. Faintly the original sounds such as “chirping of birds” close to the real, or you can out of each speaker side-by-side is a different sound.

■Weight: Conventional cone speakers need to be big and heavy due to provide large sound volume. On the other hand, Flat Panel Speakers are basically about 1cm thick, so when compared to a device with the same capacity, its weight is only 1/5 of conventional box-type, and therefore it creates less burden regarding transportation.”


“Sharp directivity: The experiment result shows that sound volume from general speakers will reduce to only 1/4 at 20m distance, while sound volume from flat panel speakers hardly changes. This because the straight-line plane wave has less distance decay, and it is easy to control the sound range.”

・ “Clear sound even long distance: Flat Panel Speakers can reproduce treble sound which is not possible for cone speakers. It is superb not only for a fascinating high voice of female vocalists and the bright tone of violins or guitars as well as theater sound which has so much presence.
Also suitable for who Foreign language learner to listening to difficult-to-pronounce languages such as English,”
・ “Excellent durability: The waterproof materials of vibrating membrane enable the use outdoor and also the use in highly humid places. Moreover, it also possesses excellent heat-resistant quality for temperature level from -20 degrees to 220 degrees.”

・ “High efficiency in reproducing true (live) sound: Flat Panel Speakers are more efficient in reproducing medium and high range sounds, compared to cone speakers. It is superb not only for a fascinating high-toned voice of female vocalists and the clear tone of violins or guitars but also for English conversation which has many high-pitched tones, as well as theater sound which has so much presence. Moreover, Flat Panel Speakers’ rising time is ten times quicker than that of cone speakers, which, compared to the past, can provide much more presence of sound direction/production in a various situation such as acoustic concert/theater sounds and Live sound.”

・ “Highly recyclable: The recycling efficiency rate for cone speakers is 35%-65%, while Flat Panel Speakers’ recyclability has reached the maximum rate of 99.5% (depending on the product). Besides, the FPS’s light weight and compact size also contribute to the saving of space, energy, and resources. ”

・ “Low rate of howling: The plane wave’s strength against microphone’s howling, and therefore you can set up the device more freely than in the past. This unique characteristic is attractive and widely used in many places including conference rooms and university auditoriums.”

・Point source / Cone speaker: 1/R(distance) → -6dB down in every 1m.

・Line source / Line-Array speaker : 1/R(distance)² → -3dB down in every 1m.

・Surface source / Plane wave Flat panel speaker (Our FPS) : As the area increases, it is not attenuate except air resistance.

For the project success shouldn't be attenuate in the distance, choosing a Flat speaker with a large surfaced. That's why our Flat speakers are selected for outdoor advertising system.

Although it is a flat speaker with a small sound pressure on the speaker specification sheet, it is a notation with a short distance of 1 m (or 0.5 m) and catches up when it is 5 m apart.
It is almost invincible when it is more than 10 m away.
For example, if the cone speaker is 92 dB at the 1 m point and the flat speaker is 86 dB, the cone speaker becomes 68 dB at the point of 5 m and the minus -24 dB downs. Although it will not attenuate other than the air resistance in the plane wave, it will not attenuate the calculation of the air resistance, so here we go a step and make it the same calculation as the line sound source (-3 dB / m), 74 dB for 5 m Become already reversed.

Yes, it is true. Although we may not be able to commit that it will be definitely, the advantage point of the planar wave is that “it releases the sound in a straight linear” which makes it has less distance attenuate. Therefore, the sound will easy to deliver straight to the eardrum.

Flat panel speakers have significant howling margin and strong directivity, so it is easy to control the sounds. Therefore, I firmly believe that the echo/acoustic feedback can be improved.

The system of flat panel speakers from other companies generates plane wave by vibration of one diaphragm with one sound source, while the system of FPS’s MCMA plane wave can generate the plane wave which is delicate and free from distortion by installing lots of microcells (tiny speakers) all over one diaphragm. Therefore, we can say it is entirely different structure.” Moreover, other companies called as flat speakers weaker than FPS flat speakers on the SPL, and efficiency at a distance.

FPS covers cone speakers weak points. Such as,:

・ “Crowded & noisy places: Inside train stations, at platforms, busy streets or with large monitors outdoor.”

・ “Places with much acoustic feedback: Gyms, churches, auditoriums. Or at a Live concert where requires High-quality Sound.”

・ “Humid places: Used for BGM at swimming pools, hot spring facilities.”

Not specifically.
However, please avoid using the device in places with high humidity and temperature such as underwater and in sauna rooms without waterproof processing of the electric terminals.
So, if you have processed the terminals waterproofing, it is no problem.

Yes, you can. Any amplifier can be used with this device, as long as it is appropriate for speaker input, specs.

There is no problem using it with speaker cables available on the market. However, in case you will use the long cable, we would recommend the thicker one as it creates less transmission loss.

It depends on the situation, you know. However, similar to cone speakers, you may need an equalizer or processor in some cases.

The connection terminal is on +(plus) and -(minus), as same as other speakers.

Yes, it can be used outdoor. However, depending on the environment/surroundings, you may need something to protect the speakers (to prevent physical accidents)

You can buy from our Online shop https://fps.tokyo/ , or from Distributor list.

One of the problems with the conventional cone type speaker was the glue. Those speakers structured from 10-16 parts and using so many glues, so it’s hard to recycle. Recycling rates are only 35% its weight ratio, the remaining 65% is to be garbage, and adhesive will generate toxic gasses when burned. On the other hand, FPS flat panel speakers are simpler and high optimized, that was to improve the recycling rate up to 99.5% maximum by high consideration in the manufacturing processes.

FPS is the initial letters of the Flat Panel Speakers.

1) Efficiency in the short distance (Low dB at 1W,1m. However, FPS will win in over 5m distance.)

2) Bass sound (Because of its thickness physically impossible in FPS’s ultra-thin designs. Generating low-frequency sounds need more space at rear side.) We recommend to use it with subwoofer and make speaker box in your design.

3) Initial cost expensive (In other words, FPS not taken running cost, in our experience, it’s always amplifiers or other digital products broke first.) FPS is High durability.