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The New Headphone called 'HeadSpeaker' Launched from FPS. It sounds like listening to a Hi-Fi speaker on your ear!!

Main Features

Flat speaker+DSP amp

We successfully reproduce the concept of "Hi-fi speaker on the ear" by our new developed flat panel speaker. Moreover, we attached the DSP to tuning and balancing Low&High range sound. We can use it wireless and wired.

Pursuing comfortness with protein skin ear pad

We use and finished it for comfortableness a big, thick and soft protein skin leather as the ear pad that covers the ear entirely. Breathability is also good and can be used comfortably during exercise.

The Fastest Response

Recommend to use it for Games by New flat panel speaker's characteristic that sound response faster than conventional cone speaker. Available 20 hours continuously replay.


Stress-free phonecall by its attached Mic. Also, it has Pairing Lock function that we don't need worry about interfering another Bluetooth terminals. To connect to another Bluetooth device, it needs to unlock by pressing +&- buttons same time.

Feel its Rich Bass Sound.

  • Sound quality
  • Comfortability
  • Design

Installed Flat speaker + DSP + Bluetooth amplifier

It released from the sound clinging to the ear of the headphone and developed aiming at a headset which is as natural as listening to a high-end audio speaker and which is compatible with Bluetooth. The FPS planar speaker drives a polymer film in parallel and generates a linear and uniform wave (plane wave) from the entire vibration plane. Since the plane waves stable and constant sound reaches the ear, it also finished in headphones that are superior in clarity, not tiring for a long time listening.

Enjoyment expands with 'HeadSpeaker'

Flat panel speakers have the high reproducibility of sounds such as effect sound of movies and localization of the instruments (from which position from sound ringing), and especially the female glossy singing voice with a good reputation. We succeeded in producing the superior low-frequency by improving both speaker unit and structure after many trial and error, which was the only weak point of a flat speaker. We would like you to realize as same as the original bass sound of the instruments, and feel different from the over-emphasized sound like a headphone using a conventional cone type unit.

Powered 'HeadSpeaker'

This headphone named as Powered 'HeadSpeaker' in the meaning of Hi-Fi speaker on the ear, rather than saying headphone, which made an excellent adjustment at the DSP so that you can enjoy the flat speaker at the ear and also a built-in amplifier. The flat speakers sound will reach straight to ear characteristics made different from the sound of the cone speakers, you may feel different at the beginning, but we believe that if you listen once, you can fully understand the merit of this product.


Bluetooth Flat Panel Powered 'HeadSpeaker' 
Wired & Wireless with Microphone

Bluetooth: V4.2+APTX-LL

Correspond Profile: A2DP1.2/HSP1.2/HFP1.6

Transmission Distance: 10m

Continuous Replay time: About 20 Hours

Charging Time: About 3.5 Hours

Standby Time: About 1000 Hours

Battery: Lithium-ion battery 3.7V/600mAh

Frequency Range: 60Hz-20KHz

Frequency Range of Driver unit: 20Hz-25kHz

Driver unit: Φ60mm Flat Panel type speaker

Amp. Output: 46mW

Sound pressure sensitivity: 100dB/mW

Weight: 300g

Material: Body: PC+ABS | Head-pad, Ear-pad: Protein skin leather

Dimensions: 186mmx200mmx78mm

Hands-free phonecall:  Available when it connected to Bluetooth smartphones

(Connected devices should correspond to Bluetooth profile HFP1.2 or 1.6)