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About Us

FPS Inc.

Contribute to the World by providing eco-friendly products with Japanese technologies.

Revolutionize sound fields by continuously and passionately challenging new technologies with a strong belief in the potential of sounds.



As a “Made in Japan” we have developed planar wave speakers which excel cone type spherical wave speakers (which has been regarded as common sense for over 80 years) in various properties such as sound damping rate, directivity, outreach, original sound reproduction and recycle rate.

Appreciated by these outstanding characteristics, our speakers has been used at various places such as station platforms, lecture halls and vehicle interior spaces in Japan and abroad, contributing to social security, safety, and satisfaction through utilizing the sound.

We won the Special Award in The Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award, and we are going to develop our technologies further, prevailing planar wave speakers all over the world.

Company Profile

Company Name FPS Inc. (Japanese name 株式会社エフ・ピー・エス)
Address Main Office: 2093 Akasaka-Cho, Ogaki city Gifu, 503-2291 Japan
TEL: +81-584-72-0180 FAX: +81-584-72-0185
Tokyo Office: 1-3-13-219 Shirakawa, Koto-Ku, 135-0021 Japan
Tel: +81-3-6781-3312 FAX: +81-3-6671-1661
Establishment May 17, 1999
Capital 415 million JPY (May 2019)
The number of employees 30 (including Board members)
Board members President & CEO Masashi Hori
Board Tohru Nakabayashi
Board Masato Yamamoto
Auditor Michio Ito
Technical Adviser Dr.Eng. Yoshio Yamasaki (Professor emeritus of Waseda University)
Technical Adviser Nobuharu Hiruma (Visiting Professor / University of Yamanashi)
Main banks Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Akasaka branch
Juroku Bank, Akasaka branch
Bank of Yokohama, Tokyo branch
Mizuho Bank, Nihonbashi branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Central Branch
Associated Company Nanotheta Co., Ltd. 1-22-3 Nishi Waseda, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
FPS USA INC. 123 Astronaut ES Onizuka Street, Suite 207 Los Angeles, CA 90012,  Tel: (213) 617-9006,  Fax: (213) 617-1252

Environmental contribution

We aim for constructing a system of eco-friendly manufacturing, efficient resource usage, product collection and product revitalization. With our “eco-friendly” principle and with thinness, compactness and high efficiency as our keywords, we have been developing smaller, thinner and lighter products. Our original planar wave MCMA technology enabled revolutionary compactness and high efficiency, contributing to space, energy, and resource saving effects which were unthinkable by conventional cone speakers.



Reduction in number of parts

With thinness, compactness and high efficiency as our keywords, we have been developing smaller, thinner and lighter products. We need much less material than conventional cone speakers do, resulting in less carbon and greenhouse effect gas emission.


Number of main parts comparison
Cone speaker: 16-17
FPS flat speaker: 4-6


Collection of eco-friendly material

◆ Adoption of neodymium magnet

All our magnets for products are neodymium magnets. Ferrite magnets, used in conventional cone speakers, are difficult to recycle because they gradually lose magnetic power by use, and because they are fragile and easy to break especially in removing. On the contrary, neodymium magnets are stronger in magnetic power and coercive force, easily removable because they lose magnetic power with 140 degrees heat for 10 minutes, and recyclable with 99% of first magnetic power if you apply voltage again.


Reduction of harmful material by adhesive-free design

◆ Unification of diaphragm coil and polymer film through evaporation coating

Our diaphragms adopt polymer films attached voice coils through evaporation coat, due to enhancing production recycle rates. Thus we can easily dissolve membrane films and coils when we recycle.

◆ Usage of screws in speaker assembly

Our products that from units to large speakers, use screws, which make easy to dissolve. For example, you can dissolve parts from our station speakers, because we are assembling it by screws, without using adhesives.


Energy conversion efficiency

◆ High power with small volume

FPS flat panel speakers maximize energy efficiency as speaker. Due to material strength such as magnet, diaphragm and polymer film, as well as original air damper structure, our speakers have 30% higher electricity-audio conversion efficiency than conventional cone speakers, leading to less greenhouse effect gas emission.


Recycle rate

Our challenges for recycling start from designing for small and efficient products requiring less resource. We achieve 99.5% (weight base) recycle rate by easy-to-dissolve and reuse designing from materials for magnet and diaphragm to adhesive-free and soldering-free structures.


Recycle rate comparison
Cone Speaker: 35-65%
FPS flat panel speaker: 99.5%


Our Business

1. Speaker Business 2. Nano fiber Business

Developing & Manufacturing Flat speakers & audio equipment.

We're (FPS Inc.) manufacturing & selling the thin Flat Panel speakers that generate planar wave technology by our original development MCMA.

MCMA: It is a general term for flat panel speakers’ latest model uniquely developed by FPS company. On the polymer vibrating membrane there are many microcells which will function as speakers, and, in parallel, with the diaphragm’s piston moving, it will work as a surface sound source, not point sound source. It has a crystal clear sounds loved by peoples who has a broad range of ages.

  • Light & Thin
  • High quality, rare earth material
  • Less attenuate
  • Sounds come from both side of the speaker (back&front)
  • Easy sound controlling by its directional
  • It works even in the water
  • High recyclable
  • Quick sound response
  • Howling free (Less acoustic feedback)

Developing & Manufacturing Nanofiber production machine that makes nano sound absorption and heat insulation.

We developed the Nanofibers production machine that high-performance sound absorption and heat insulation (product name "SELAB Nano (R)"). We are manufacturing and sales the Machine to the Nanotechnology market. Nanofibers are searching and studying these years as Dreamy material. But, there are health problems that manufacturing processing, and it was difficult to mass-production due to its cost bigger expensive. Our new technology develops succeeded to resolve these problems. Easy to use by anyone, and we are sure to contribute various fields.

  • We are successfully developing the Nanofiber mass-production Machine!!
  • Nano Fibers will generate revolutionary products.
  • The high performance of absorbing sound and heat insulation will use by various fields. Such as:
  • Agriculture
  • Medical
  • Construction
  • Apparel
  • Cosmetics
  • Automobile, Train

Our History

FPS Inc.




Basic research on flat speaker

Fundamental research on plane vibration

  • Basic research on diaphragm membrane
  • Magnetic force analysis research (Collaborative research with Sumitomotokushukinzoku)
  • Division vibration control technology
  • Multilayer Thin Film Etching Technology
  • Multi-point drive vibration mode technology
  • Large flat thin film drive technology
  • Mobile (moving) magnet motion technology
  • Small digital IC development technology
  • 2.1 and 5.1 channel amplifier technology

Research and Development

Compressive wave of plane wave

  • Measurement research (Waseda joint research)
  • Basic research of Digital amplifier
  • Fundamental studies on noise control (Takenaka Institute)
  • USB digital processing technology
  • Audio digital processing technology
  • Voice induction research for the visually impaired (industry-university collaboration)
  • Small and light weight material research
  • Basic Research on Recycling Technology (Super Directivity Research)
  • Compact and lightweight manufacturing technology (compact amplifier development technology)

Development and commercialization of flat speaker

  • USB speaker system for PC (customized for F company)
  • Multi Audio Hub (for F company)
  • Helmet speaker (for M company)
  • 2.1 channel speaker system FPS200 series, 2.1 channel dolphin speaker system
  • Attache case speaker system, DVD player (includes MP3 music replay function (Japan's first)
  • Cassette type MP3 player (Japan's first)
  • Speaker for elderly people
  • Commercial speaker system PL series

Development of wearable flat speaker

  • 5.1 channel speaker system TeleSpeaker Mini (customized for I company)
  • Backpack type audio system (K company), Wearable speaker system (for N company, and G corp.)

Good design award received

  • Won award as soon after the development of the pipeline speaker (PL-12), its innovative design attracted attention and won the Good Design Award.

Development of a Sky Wave embedded flat speaker

  • Motor Cycle Audio System (for S company)

ANC active noise control system

  • Collaborative research and development of ANC noise control system (companies with Takenaka, INC, FPS).

Received Eco Product Award from Mongolian government

Our Flat speakers have acquired Eco-Products product certification by the Ministry of Environment of Mongolia.


Development of the Station speaker

  • Development of flat speaker for escalator (for H company)
  • Developed and commercialized for Station Platform Announcement speaker, start installation on the JR East's stations at Japan Capital area.

Car speaker

New crown car mounted (for T company)


Development of world's first hybrid speaker

  • Developed a hybrid type speaker using vibration exciter plus applying our flat speaker technology. This innovative speaker that change the attached object to a speaker attracted our customers and hit. (Joint development with Professor Yamasaki (Waseda University)).

Development of world's first single-line stereo speaker

  • Single-line stereo, 3D stereo realization (joint development with Waseda University, Professor Yamasaki). Developed 2ch stereo reproduction speaker on a single line, thus commercialized the ultrafine pipeline slim speaker PLS series in its application, & hit.

Rank A rating certificate from Gifu Prefecture

We got A grade business evaluation by Gifu Prefecture Industry Economic Promotion Center.


Monozukuri Japan Grand Prize - Special Prize Winner

  • We received a special prize of Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award (product/technology development department) at "Development of next-generation plane wave speaker with high-quality sound."
  • What is the Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award? (quotation from official website):
    The Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award is a program to recognize outstanding individuals in various generations engaged in "monozukuri" (manufacturing). Winners can be middle-standing individuals playing key roles in manufacturing and production, masters supporting traditional or cultural arts, and young people expected to become a mainstay of future monodzukuri. The Award has jointly been organized by METI, MLIT, MHLW, and MEXT every other year since 2005 and took place for the fourth time that year.

Diversity of speaker units

  • The development of middle-sized speaker unit FPS1010 was made more downsizing and efficiency as station speaker.
  • And a compact FPS0204 speaker hits for its high-resolution sound quality corresponding such small type.

Development of Edge Free SP for High Resolution

  • Development of edge free type flat speaker FPS0804W capable of reproducing high resolution.


  • A speaker called as "TELLER" mounted FPS1010 unit awarded OMOTENASHI selection.
    The TELLER (FPS1010M3R3) that commercialized by Dream Co.Ltd choose by foreigners that cool Japan products.

Won a Small Business Award

FPS choose as one of the 300 small and medium enterprises held by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.


International large exhibitions

We exhibit to various events.:

  • Automotive Engineering Exposition Japan (annually)
  • Mass Trans Innovation Japan (every time)
  • Boat Show
  • Japan International Aerospace Exhibition
  • Nano Technology Expo
  • Expo named as "World No.1 Expo(The Sekai-Ichi)."
  • Overseas, CES, Muzik Messe, etc.

TV, newspaper, magazine

We featured in various publicity. For example as TV shows,:

  • NHK World Science View (2 times)
  • Door to Dream (2 times)
  • WBS (Trend egg, Japan's power)
  • Special Monday Railway Feature
  • Crisp, Dream CHUBU, etc.

NANO fiber field

  • FPS Inc., the company developing and manufacturing flat panel speakers, developed nano-fiber sound absorption and heat insulation material.

Developed NANO Titanium Deposited Advanced Photocatalyst Nano filter

  • FPS started joint research with Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture about physical characteristics and production technology of nano-fiber materials, and about a development of thin and lightweight sound absorption and heat insulation material for EV.
  • FPS developed Titan-evaporated photocatalyst nano-filter.

NANO heat insulation development

  • FPS started joint research with NARO and Kyoto Institute of Technology about R&D of nano-fiber heat insulation material for greenhouses and materials for improving durability and weatherproof properties.

Adopted for agricultural technology R&D project subsidized by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

FPS was adopted for an FY2015 agricultural technology R&D project subsidized by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Consortium by NARO, Shizuoka Prefectural Research Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Tokyo Ink and FPS).


Established Nano Matrix Co.Ltd.

FPS separated its nano-fiber business and launched Nano Matrix, optimizing resources for more efficient business expansion.


Start delivering mass production nanofibers machines

  • Delivery of stable mass production equipment started.

Nano Matrix Co.Ltd. was merged into FPS Inc.

Our wholly-owned subsidiary Nano Matrix Co.Ltd merged with FPS Inc on 5, July 2018.

FPS Inc.
Located in: 2-16-5 Edagawa, Koto, 135-0051 Tokyo, Japan