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FPS1010 transducer

Neodymium magnet 100pcs inside!

Medium sized MCMA transducer.


The outstanding feature of this plane wave speaker, are its middle and high pitched tones. The clear definition can truly be heard when used in small shops or restaurants. It has obtained high praise from its users.

160mm x 160mm square size of FPS1010M3R3 allows it to handle up to 25 watts (50 watts max), and project a planar wave pattern from 130 to 13,000 Hz.

  • Unique MCMA construction places the voice coil on the diaphragm for immediate transient response
  • Extremely thin design with full range output from 130 to 13,000 Hz
  • Perfect for space-limited applications
  • Planar wave launch for focused output that travels further than a radial wave launch of a conventional speaker
  • Great for use as a wide-band or midrange speaker


Shop and restaurant background music, advertising systems, digital signage products, wall and ceiling installations.



Product Name FPS1010M3R3
Type MCMA (Multi Cell Microtransducer Array) Flat Speaker unit
Rated Input 25W constantly  (Max.50W moment peak)
Rated Impedance
Frequency Characteristics 130Hz-13kHz
SPL 86dB±3dB
Dimensions W160mm x H160mm x D15mm
Weight 580g
Cold/Heat Resistance -40℃ to 70℃
Humidity Resistance 40℃, 92-96%
RoHS All parts compliant with RoHS◎