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FH-02P new hybrid speaker

Flat speaker + Exciter speaker = FPS Hybrid Speaker



The new type of hybrid speaker is a high powered speaker combined with an exciter as one unit. It covers both the low and high ends of the sound spectrum.

  • Combines the low frequency effect of an exciter with the output of a planar transducer
  • Ultra-wide 50 to 15k Hz frequency response
  • Integrated mounting frame
  • High-power neodymium motor





  • Furniture, Automobiles (speakers in ceiling), blackboards, show case, displays, poster boards for presentations, digital signage products etc.



Product Name FH-02P
Type Hybrid Type Speaker (Flat Exciter)
Rated Input 10W constantly (Max.20W moment peak)
Rated Impedance
Frequency Characteristics Depends on mounted materials
SPL 85dB ±3dB (When mounted on isocyanate board T=10, 320 ± 360mm)
Dimensions W44mm x L150mm x D12.6mm
Weight 85g ±2g
Cold/Heat Resistance -40°C to 70°C
Humidity Resistance 40°C, 92-96%
RoHS対応 All parts compliant with RoHS