FPS chose for the technical skills department of the award of “Small and Medium-sized 300 companies” held by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency in Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan. We are going to develop our technologies further, prevailing planar wave speakers all over the world.
FPS have received “The Manufacturing Japan Grand Awards”. Receiver interview video uploaded the official METI Japan’s youtube page.
The FPS INC has received the Special Prize in the 4th Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award which is an award program sponsored by the Japanese government.  
Our company has been issued a certificate of rank in the examination evaluation A feasibility assessment of fiscal 2011, such as by the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Promotion Center, Gifu Prefecture. Content examination, there was “Development of speakers for home station.”
We are pushing forward in the development of sound technology in Mongolia. In this picture, our President Masashi Hori is receiving the “Eco-friendly Certificate” award from the Minister of the Environment of Mongolia on September 2004.   Translated, the certificate reads as follows: Your products differ from conventional similar products because of its high recycling rates, reduction of weight and the number of parts used. All this will help decrease negative environmental influences when it comes to production and transportation. The Mongolian Government supports the FPS eco-friendly technology. We highly support your speakers because of its advanced technology. It has greatly reduced the strain to the environment and we hereby