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PL-2 pipeline speaker

This PL-2 is the smallest size in the PL series. Useful and compact size speaker.




Pipeline speakers are revolutionary and literary line array speakers which create ideal line sound source in a wide range by arraying multiple FPS planar wave transducer units with line array structure and properties. Flat panel speakers we developed are unique ones with various characteristics, taking MCMA (Multi-Cell Micro Transducer Array) technology, which is totally different from conventional cone speakers. “Pipeline speakers” were developed by arraying these unique transducers in line. Transducer unit itself is a complex of micro mini speakers, and the distance between the speakers is only 1cm. With this array, we solved high-frequency range sound wave interference problem.

In addition, by arraying MCMA transducers in line (2 transducers in the case of PL-2), “Pipeline speakers” have double line array structures in each speaker, which is impossible to achieve with conventional cone speakers. “Pipeline speakers” operate as ideal line array speakers in a wide range. “Pipeline speakers” are unique line array speakers fully demonstrating necessary properties as line array speakers.

Our Japanese customers use it as display monitor speaker. It’s sounds very clear and suitable for hearing humans voice.


Product name / Model name Pipeline Speaker PL-2
Type Line array (Full range single amp driven)
Speaker Unit MCMA flat transducer (FPS0212 x 2pcs)
Rated Impedance 12Ω
Rated Input 15W constantly
Max Input 30W moment peak
Sound Pressure Level 86db/W/m
Frequency Range 140Hz-20kHz
Directional Characteristics Vertical 0, Horizontal 110 (4kHz-3dB)
Input Connector NL4MP (Neutrik)
Cabinet Aluminium
Hanging Point φ3/8 inch nut plate hole (up&bottom)
Dimensions φ7.5cm x 31.6cm
Weight 1.2kg
Color Black, Silver
(The Munsell approximate color:
Black : N1 medium gloss
Silver : Aluminum Alumite processing medium gloss)





Reference Polar



Note: *This product may need installation service by professional.

Guide to the optional accessories:

  • If you want to use it to fix with the wall (Only speaker) : You need to buy bracket L-170 (optional accessory).
  • If you want to use it to fix with the wall (Speaker + Subwoofer) : You need to buy bracket F-250 (optional accessory).
  • If you want to use it upright : You need to buy baseplate B/P ( optional accessory)
  • If you use jointly with subwoofer : You need to buy joint holder J/H (optional accessory)